ECE Services

ECE Services

1.Engineering & Design.

  Tender Documentation.

 Contractors Evaluation

2.Design Review & Value Engineering.

3.Statuary Approvals


5.Construction Management.

 Quality Control.

 Cost Control.

 Time Schedule Management.

6.Contractors Support.

7.Special Studies

Fields of Application

1.Industrial Projects.



Pharmaceutical Plants


Heavy Weigh Industry.

2.Commercial Projects.

3.Administration Projects.

Why ECE?

  • Professional staff with diversified background led by senior engineers who have gained their experience by working in the largest consulting firms in the middle east.
  • Fast response to client queries and requirements.
  • Having set at the different sides of the table we work with a global eye on the project.
  • Applying best value option analysis prior to system selection

  • Experienced with dealing with mega projects providing the same quality of large firms with very competitive prices.
  • We apply quality control measures in the design phase to ensure high quality products. The quality measures covers the following:
    • Project Filing.
    • Coordination
    • Check lists.
    • Peer Design Review.

What has ECE provided in Partnership with Multinational Companies?

1.High end services in the Civil & MEP design & supervision works.

2.Deep knowledge of the company standards and regulations as a result of continues works permitting an increased learning curve.

3.Having a global look on the different sites helps in applying a standardized principles resulting in a high quality sites.

4.Planning a long term upgrade for different utilities that is being done on phases.

5.Having a detailed data base about the sites helped in saving time in many projects.

6.Acting as a reliable reference to the company engineering team and providing quick response in many cases.